A homeless man arrives at the location, all his worldly goods piled upon his trolley, his favourite music playing from his battered radio. While he sets about making the street into his home, he never fails to take up contact with his audience, trying his hand at some musical tunes and earning a penny or two with theft or the help of children spontaneously trained in the art of acting.

When romance finally dawns, the junk on the street is magically transformed into a restaurant, together with a waiter, food and drinks taken directly from the crowd; a bicycle wheel becomes a table and a tin-can a wine glass, and we see that the only limit to happiness is our imagination!

The finale of Trash sees our hero exchanging shoes, shirt and pants with the crowd. Thus attired, he can finally leave the stage with his loved one in style...

Trash technical information
Duration: 30 - 45 minutes.
Location: This is a circle show. It is possible to place it in smaller venues, but a medium-sized venue without much surrounding noise is preferable. In Trash, unique and sometimes forgotten locations can brought to life
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