Street theatre pure
comical, outragous, site-specific

Be it with the spontaneity of the The Pigeon Chaser, the slapstick of Postal or the absurdity of distrACTED,
Shiva Grings brings something unique and beautiful into each of his performances

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Pigeon Chaser Home

The Pigeon Chaser

Unpredictable, unrepeatable, unbelievable.

The Pigeon Chaser takes every situation and melts it into something unique and wonderful. Evolving out of the moment, the show integrates everything around it; audience, venue, gusts of winds, even pigeons are unwittingly sucked into the performance. At the end there is always a climatic ending, be it a karate number or a King-Kong tribute; a juggling routine upon the shoulders of brave men, or a particularly ridiculous boxing match.

If you were stuck on a remote island and had to watch the same show over and over again, this would be the show you would choose!

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We get it there, somehow...

Hit by the pandemic, Shiva Grings has decided to opt for a new profession. He's going postal! But with the amount of online shopping going on today, it can be hard for a mere postman to keep up.

Postal is the struggle with an avalanche of parcels and a contrarily small postbox that seems to have a mind of its own. It is a clown's exploration of modern times.

With kind support from #takeaction, Germany

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Trash home

The Tiny Toolbox

Say hello to a carpenter and his toolbox. Not just any toolbox, but a wondrous, magical case full of surprises. Take a peek inside and discover a world of cheerful nails and angry hammers; a world in which the everyday gets the staring role. A puppetry show for an intimate audience that can be played again and again.

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Trash home


Both silent and poetic, Trash is a joyful look at the world and the lengths to which we will go to survive in it. With an infectious naivety, it plays with the themes of garbage and poverty.

The show, set in the charming world of the silent clown, creates a restaurant on the street, served by a waiter with drinks taken directly from the audience, and a gentleman dressed purely from other people’s clothing!

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distracted home


A brand new show, if we ever got off our phones long enough to plan it!

Three passerbys, dressed in glaring white, just can't seem to stay focused on the task at hand. Whenever they're about to step into action, their mobile phones ring - and there's nothing more important nor distracting, than a chat-message smiley!

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This is what we do for a living

This is what we do for a living

The comical expoits of a street theatre artist in book format.

What is street theatre? Who are it's actors and where does it take place? In this humorous exploration of the scene, Shiva Grings mixes his instinct for the comical with the finesse of the storyteller, taking us on a wonderful journey into one of the least known theatrical professions on the planet. You can order the book on Amazon or via this link

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The Quarantine Session, Podcast

During the long months of the second lockdown, Shiva Grings braved the virus to record interviews (at a safe distance, of course) with his colleages. What came out was 8 light-hearted episodes full of fascinating stories. Hear them by signing up to the podcast here.


Shiva Grings

An international performer since 1998, Shiva Grings has toured the globe from Europe, Siberia, Brazil and New Zealand. He has won several prizes and played in a host of renowned festivals, such as the ViaThea, the Tete-a-tete (both in Germany), Auckland Buskers (New Zealand), Titirimundi (Spain), Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival (Norway) and many, many more.

Actor, performer, director

The press has called Shiva Grings "a provocateur in just the right measure," and described his shows to be rollercoasters of "Endless creativitiy and spontantity." They are unique and varied, often balancing themselves somewhere between improvised comedy and cheeky provocation; be it as a silent clown, a furious King Kong, a frightened boxer or a dancing buffoon. Always eager to interact with the world around him, he confirms what Shakespeare always said: all the world is a stage.

  • The director

    Shiva Grings has directed a large selection of theatre performances, including Transfiguro, Creeping Carnival and Modo’s Carnival, puppetry performances by Anita Bertolami. Together with Peter Weyel, he has created and directed Fremde Federn and Freude Schenken, both of which are provocative, experimental cabaret shows. Work with the acrobatic trio Mixtura Unica created the evening show, Männercocktail. All shows are now touring the European festival scene.

  • The teacher

    Shiva Grings has taught stage-presence, clown, buffoon and theatre of the oppressed to both amateurs and experienced performers. His education in the Commedia School, Denmark, as given him a solid base in which to safely guide and push students to discover the world around them - as well as themselves.

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