The Pigeon Chaser

The Pigeon Chaser

A singing, improvising, lovable clown, the Pigeon Chaser takes every situation and melts it into something unique and wonderful. Evolving out of the moment, the show integrates everything around it; audience, venue, gusts of winds, even pigeons are unwittingly sucked into the performance.

At the end there is always a climatic ending: The wild King Kong finale uses the location, with a building or lamp-post being climbed. Barbie doll in hand, the Pigeon Chaser is shot down by the audience using paper airplanes and caught and carried by a lady from the audience. The boxing finale tapes together the crowd to make a boxing-ring, then sees the Pigeon Chaser and a volunteer fight topless with only one boxing glove each... Teeth will fly and banana-medels shall be given!

Depending on the amount of shows, there can always a different ending, including a karate number with a baguette or a juggling routine upon the shoulders of brave men. One thing's for sure, it's a high-energy, theatrical and comical tour-de-force!

Duration:30 - 60 minutes.
Location: This is a circle show. Being an improvised performance, it is possible to place it in smaller venues, but a large venue without much noise is preferable. A slow flow of people can be quite conductive for the comedy.

The Pigeon Chaser techincal information
Amplification: The Pigeon Chaser is a non-amplified show that is not reliant on language. A location without loud background noise is prefered.

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